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Dear friend,

A neighbor of mine married a man who later told her that he spent several years of his life in prison.  She was devastated and asked, "How could you not have told me this?"  He responded, "You never asked." 

We at TheCompatibilityTest.com want to be sure that you know all the facts about the person you are dating before it's too late.  An estimated 83% of divorces would not occur if people simply asked the right questions while dating.

The problem is, most people don't know what to ask.  That is why we created the Compatibility Test 8 years ago, to provide an easy, non-threatening way to learn about your partner.

Our proven, time-tested Compatibility Test reveals often overlooked areas in a couple's relationship and methodically covers most all major topics.


"With the divorce rate over 55% in the United States today (and often higher in other countries), it is important to know your partner as intimately as possible before taking the plunge!"


This test will help you be equipped with the necessary tools to dramatically increase your relationship's chance of success.  Here is what people are saying:

"Wow!  Your Compatibility Test has helped me know that my boyfriend is right for me.  I learned so many interesting things about him.  Now I know for sure that we are meant to be together.  Thank you!"

- Alyssa Moore


"I had some doubts about the guy I was dating, but couldn't justify breaking up with him.  After taking the Compatibility Test, I knew in my heart that I shouldn't be dating him.  There were too many areas that were important to me that he could care less about.  Your test really helped me see him for what he is and I now know that I am better off without him.  Thanks!"


- Anne Kolkowsky


"My fiance and I took your Compatibility Test when we were engaged.  Not only did I learn a lot about my fiance, the test strongly confirmed that I was about to marry an incredible person.  For that, I am grateful."

- David Scott



Have You Ever Been in Love?

When dating someone, have you ever experienced the feeling of "being in love".  This feeling, as great as it can be, often causes you to blindly accept bad things about the person you are dating.

For example, isn't it often easy for you to see your friends' relationships and say, "You shouldn't be dating that person.  Look how you are being treated!"?  But, unfortunately, your friend is experiencing the infamous "being-in-love" blindness. 

It is usually much easier to fairly evaluate someone else's relationship, than it is to evaluate your own.  Also, you often don't want to believe anything bad about the person you are with.  Make sure you know everything, before it's too late!


"We ask the hard questions that you want to know, but wouldn't dare to ask!"


When you are in love, how will you truly know you are dating the right person?

Fortunately, there is a way to know once and for all that you are dating the right person.  After completing our Compatibility Test, there will be little doubt whether you should stay in your current relationship or go.  Be sure you ask the right questions - this test will do that!


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In printed format, marriage counselors charge $59.95 for two Compatibility Tests.  But, because we are now able to offer it in a downloadable format, you can purchase it for an incredible price of $14.95  (2 Tests are also included along with bonuses). But hurry, this is only an introductory promotional offer. We will be charging $24.95 shortly.

All documents are instantly downloadable and are in Adobe .pdf file format or Microsoft Word (any version of Microsoft Word 95 or newer will work).  If you do not already have it installed on your computer and you would like the Adobe .pdf format, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  It's free to install, click here:

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The Compatibility Test is designed for those who are seriously evaluating their relationships and the results are a fair and real indicator of a couple's compatibility.

Our test is not based on astrology or numerology or silly questions, but on tried-and-tested probing questions used by the best marriage and relationship counselors.  The test's format has been designed in such a way to make it a fun test to take.  Complete instructions for taking the test are also included.

A friend of mine married a man who had two previous DUI convictions.  She also found out about this after they were married.  Her husband wanted to switch professions to become a teacher but, because of his two previous felony convictions, he was not allowed to teach in the state where they lived.  She couldn't believe this!

If you are in a relationship, you can finally know if it is meant to be and know your partner more intimately than you ever imagined.


"For less than the cost of a movie for two, you and your partner can be sure that you are meant for each other!"


After completing the tests and discussing the questions, which often spur other conversations and open up the lines of communication, you will have a greater understanding of yourself, your partner, and your relationship. 

Through this process, you just might discover that the person you are dating is even more incredible than you previously thought.  Or, you might decide that moving on is your best option.  Either way, you will know one way or the other after completing the test.

The test contains over 110 thought provoking and insightful questions covering these topics in great detail:

  • Sex

  • Politics

  • Religion

  • Vacations & Holidays

  • Cleanliness

  • Money

  • Children

  • Honesty

  • Old Friends

  • Leadership

  • Exercise

  • Adventure


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Have you ever had difficulty with your dates - e.g. finding them, keeping them, communicating with them? Or how about relationships in general - how to tell if you're in a good one or bad one? Or maybe you know someone else who struggles with these issues?

There's plenty of detailed research to help with your dating and relationship issues compiled into Healthy Dating & Relationship Tips.  It's here and ready to help you.  


Written by relationship and marriage counselors Michael and Dawn Stalberg, Communication deals with one of the most important skills for a healthy relationship:  good communication.

Communication skills are critical for building healthy relationships, especially when one realizes that one of the most common causes of relational breakdown is a lack of communication. 

The purpose of this eBook is to help you build on your own communication skills, as well as to give you some key ideas for helping others to communicate more effectively. Fortunately even those who are "bad" communicators can learn a few skills to enable them to communicate with greater ease and effectiveness.

Communication is yours free when you order the Compatibility Test.


Creative Date Ideas contains over 120 inexpensive date ideas to liven up your dating life.  If you are stuck in dating rut or just need some fresh date ideas, this eBook can help.  Your partner will also be pleasantly surprised!

Similar eBooks retail for as much as $19.95, but Creative Date Ideas (without breaking the bank) is also yours free when you order the Compatibility Test.


***  These bonus eBooks are included with your Compatibility Test order.  Taking the Compatibility Test is a great way for you and your partner to learn many new things about each other and, ultimately, know if you are right for one another.


"Why waste valuable time, money, and memories with someone for the next six months when you can learn more about him/her in the next 30 minutes by taking this test?  Find out before it's too late!"




100% Money Back Guarantee.

Try The Compatibility Test for 90 days. If you are not completely satisfied by that time, we'll gladly refund 100% of your purchase!  The bonus eBooks are yours to keep even if you return the test.


Not only is the Compatibility Test an effective way to open up the lines of communication and learn about each other, it provides you with the insight needed to make a fair and accurate assessment of your current relationship.  Your satisfaction is also 100% guaranteed, so there is no risk to you!


"Over 110 thought provoking and insightful questions that you need to ask your partner!"


Finally, you can know for sure that you are with the right person!  Why take chances?  Find out before it's too late!  Take the test and receive the free bonuses. 



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Wishing you all the best in your current and/or future relationships,

Scott Thompson



"The questions are very thorough and forced us to discuss several areas that would have otherwise been uncomfortable to do so on our own.  By having a formalized test it was very unthreatening to talk about more sensitive issues.


I am glad everything was put out on the table and, thankfully, nothing was a deal-breaker for us."


- Amy Reitenholz


"I am always a bit skeptical when buying items from the internet.  I actually emailed the company back and forth a few times prior to buying the test to have a few questions answered.  Once I realized real people were behind it, I took a chance.

I must say I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the content.  It is indeed a great value for the money."

- Mona Tarrington


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